6 troubleshooting tips when your initial funnel isn't working as expected

Ask yourself these questions when troubleshooting your messenger funnels

1 - Did you initially click the "Get Started" button and go through the  set up sequence?

2 - Did you give FunnelDash the additional  Facebook messenger permissions that  is required to connect the FunnelDash messenger funnels?

3 - Have you connected your Facebook Business Page?

4 - Have you  whitelisted your website?

5 - Is the funnels status RED or GREEN?  If you see a RED icon status, click on the icon and it will prompt you to take the next step.

6 - Did you configure the URL restrictions if it is a Website Funnel Trigger?

URL restrictions:

  • Contains 
    - Enter in  the keyword or the first part of a website url ... 
  • Any
    - Show up on any whitelisted website that  you have the JS Snippet installed on.
  • Exact 
    - Enter the exact url you want it to display on
  • Does not contain
    - This excludes websites contain the specific keyword or url
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