What is the JavaScript (JS) Snippet

It's what you need install to make the Website Agency Funnels display on your site.

What is the FunnelDash JavaScript Snippet?

It is a small piece of embeddable JavaScript you put on your website. This code allows FunnelDash to display your messenger optin forms on your website.

Where to install the JavaScript Snippet?

You will need to install the FunnelDash Pixel in the header between the <head> </head> tags in your webpage code. This is the same place you would install the Facebook Pixel  as well . You can either copy paste it in each of the pages or use Google Tag Manager to place it automatically for you.  

You only need to install it once per website.

How to configure the website funnel so it shows up on my site?

When you create or edit a website funnel there is a set of options that are configurable. There are multiple options on when it will be triggered , what URL it will be triggered on and what to do after someone opted in .

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