Getting Started: Sequences

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Already got your Messenger Funnel ready? Let's look at building out your first sequence.

Sequences are what your viewers/leads/subscribers will actually be engaging with once they enter your Messenger Funnel. This is where you'll get the conversation started, vet out potential leads/clients, dish out important information, or ask the right questions to best position your services.

Depending on your needs, we've got a couple of templates already locked and loaded for you.

The Ad Analysis Audit Consultation Template is great if you're looking to offer FB Ad Agency work to potential clients. This video will walk you through the Ad Analysis Audit Consultation Template, as well as the sequence options available to you.

How to Fire the Facebook Pixel Event 

To fire a Facebook Pixel event inside your messenger funnel you will want to create or use a message with the using the Button action.  You will want to edit the button action and select the Standard  Facebook Pixel Event you want fired from the drop down menu.

How to Connect a Multiple Sequences Together

To add a 2nd sequence you will need to 

  1. Use a " Text with Button " Message 
  2. Select "Add to Sequence "  
  3. Select the Sequence you want to attach
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