How to create a Direct Link funnel

A step by step walk-through of the

Direct Link funnel

Aptly named, a

Direct Link funnel proves you with a direct link you can use to enter someone into your messenger funnel sequence.

To begin, click the Create Funnel button from the

left hand menu, and choose " Direct Link " from the list.

After clicking continue, you can name your funnel, and connect it to your desired Sequence. If you have yet to create a Sequence, you can do so here

 as well .

Once you've connected a Sequence, you can Save and close your funnel to publish it and view your direct link.

At any point in time you can view your funnel live status,

direct link URL, archive, or edit options from the right-hand icons next to your funnel.

You can now send your funnel directly to your leads through an email blast, image link, etc. 

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