How to create a Messenger Button funnel

A step by step walk-through of the Messenger Button funnel

A Messenger Button funnel provides you with a clean "Send to Messenger" button you can place on your website, landing pages, sales pages, etc, that will take your leads directly into your desired messenger Sequence. 

To begin, click the Create Funnel button from the left-hand menu, and choose " Messenger Button" from the list.

After clicking continue,

you'll need to determine what you want to happen after someone opts-in to your funnel...

.. . as well as choose your desired button text from the drop-down menu.

You can name your funnel and connect it to your desired Sequence. If you have yet to create a Sequence, you can do so here  as  well .

Whitelist your website, and grab the Javascript Snippet!


you'll need to ensure your website or relevant URL where you plan to place your Messenger Button is whitelisted ,  and then copy the Javascript Snippet.

For more information about our Javascript Snippet, as well as troubleshooting tips if it isn't working as you expect, check out these articles....
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