Getting Started with Messenger Marketing Funnels

A few tips on how to get started with Messenger Marketing Funnels

Start with the end in mind

It is always best to map out the process first so you know what the end goal is, how traffic is being brought into the funnel, what information you need before they can exit the funnel and move to the step  in the process .   Break it down into small steps and map it out.

Ask yourself these questions... 

  1. What is the purpose of your messenger funnel?
  2. What are frequently asked questions do you get messages about on your Facebook page?
  3. What ways can you use the messenger funnel to better educate your market and sell your products?

Keep asking small questions to keep traffic moving through the funnel.

  1. Start with a greeting
    Typically the way someone initially interacts with your funnel you want to greet them with a kind response letting them know that they are in the right place and ask them to either confirm that they would like to continue with what you offered them to get them inside of Messenger.
  2. Speak the language and at the level that is  appropriate for your audience. Don't use "Yoo!! Hey Buddy..." for a high end client.  Also know if they call their clients, clients, customers, and how they refer to themselves and what they identify with? 
  3. Keep it conversational and keep it moving by asking simple call-to- actionsKeep the call-to-action questions to a simple yes/no type responses or a "what would you like to do next" or a "pick-a-path" type option.  
  4. Provide next steps and set expectationsProvide the necessary  information on what there next steps are and what they can expect before they exit the funnel
  5. Kindly thank them
    Kindly thank them and remind them on how they can get a hold of you if they have questions!
  6. Follow through
    Make sure you follow up and do what you said you were going to do.

For more tips feel free to  check out Facebook's Messenger Business Page

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