How to create a dashboard in 7 easy steps!

In this tutorial learn how to create a dashboard in 7 easy steps!

Before you begin go to and login to the application. 

  1. Click the "Create Dashboard" button
  2. Name your dashboard - I would highly recommend having the Ad Account name + some descriptor of what this dashboard is used for or if it is looking at a particular campaign.
  3. Select the Ad Account
    If you don't see the particular ad account make sure you have the appropriate access to the account. 
  4.  Select the type of Dashboard you want to create.  We have 2 predefined templates that you can use as a base to customize from.
  5. Select an icon (optional).  This can help you quickly identify all dashboards for a particular client if you use the same icon and color
  6. Choose the icon color (optional)
  7. Click the "Create Audit" Button.

Voila! You are done!

Wasn't that simple? :) 

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