2 Hidden Benefits of doing the Audit Method - Data Driven Approach.

But "My clients don't care about numbers".... We disagree and here's why it also benefits you!

But "My clients don't care about numbers".... 

We disagree! They ABSOLUTELY care about the numbers. You just  need to make sure that  you are speaking the same language.

Let's say your clients want leads... 
Ask them how much a lead is worth to them? 
Ask them how much are they willing to pay for those leads?  

Now it's your job to create a strategy, set an objective , understand what metrics you need to monitor and then deliver in order get the results they want. When the dashboards are set up correctly it is easy to quickly monitor the progress of your efforts and an easy way to report the progress every week. 

It's true... You can get clients in all sorts of ways but there are 2 main benefits to you as an agency owner, why you should  follow the Audit Method and a data driven approach. Unfortunately, most people don't know this or forget about it when they first get started.

When you sell your clients on the numbers and the outcomes like what we teach here at FunnelDash, it becomes a systematic way to ensure that you are not selling yourself into a job. Meaning your clients are not buying your personal expertise. When you sell your personal expertise you are selling yourself into a role where before you know it you have 10 different jobs and 10 different bosses all wanting a piece of you.    

All though it is important to show your expertise you need to balance playing up your personal expertise with setting KPI's and benchmark numbers and goals. You can only then, make sure that your client knows what metrics they need to be watching where you or anyone on your team can produce a weekly dashboard report.  Which in return.. . gives you the freedom to work in other areas in your business like getting more leads or closing more sales.

The other benefit the audit method provides is the ability to manage expectations and have a higher client retention rate. So many agencies are reporting on the activities that  they are doing but when you do what we teach you will  learn that it your clients don't care a whole lot about the activities you did but rather  want to know the results you produced. When you set up the dashboards right you can report on the metrics easily. You can quickly see.... How much money did you spend, how many customers you got from the money spent.  It's not about you but rather  about the results you provide that will keep your customer happy and willing to renew their contract .

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