Make sure your pixel is working properly with the Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

Make sure your pixel's working correctly

The Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps you find out if your pixel is working correctly. It's a Chrome plugin you can use to see if there's a Facebook pixel installed on a website, check for errors, and understand the data that's coming from a pixel.

Before getting started, you'll need to have the Chrome web browser as the Pixel Helper is Chrome Extension

How to add the Pixel Helper Chrome Extension

  1. Go to the Chrome web store and search for the Facebook Pixel Helper.
  2. Click + Add to Chrome.

   3. Click Add extension.

Once you've successfully installed the extension you'll see a notification that the plugin has been added to Chrome and a small icon will show in your address bar.

Check that your pixel's working

  1. After you've installed the Pixel Helper, click the Pixel Helper icon in the address bar.
  2. Check the popup to see any pixels found on that page, and whether they've been set up successfully.

If the Pixel Helper finds a pixel on your site and there are no errors, then you're ready to start creating Facebook ads with your pixel.

If you see a notification that no pixels were found on your site or that there's an error, then check out the troubleshooting section below for more help.


Troubleshooting Pixel Errors

The Facebook Pixel Helper reports common errors than can happen when you install a pixel on your website. These errors mean that the person who manages your website will need to fix something for your pixel to start working correctly.

No Pixel Found

If you click the Pixel Helper icon in the address bar and see a message that no pixels were found on that page, it means that you will need to place the Facebook pixel code on your site. See how to  setup your Facebook pixel.

Pixel Did Not Load

This means that the Pixel Helper may have found Facebook pixel code on your site, but the pixel isn't passing back data from your site. There are two reasons this might be happening :

  1. If you've set up your pixel to fire on a dynamic event (like when someone clicks a button on your page). If that's the case, try clicking the button where you've attached your pixel code and clicking on the Pixel Helper again to see if this fixes the problem.
  2. There could be an error in your pixel base code. If this is the case, you can try deleting the Facebook pixel code you've placed on your site and adding the code again. Learn how to find your pixel base code in Facebook and put it on your site.

Not a Standard Event

This means that the Pixel Helper found event code on your site that doesn't match one of our 9 Standard Events. This could be a typo, for example, if the event is named “Purchased” instead of “Purchase”. Check out Facebook's standard event names and the exact code you'll need to place on your site to make sure this matches with the event names in your website's code.

Pixel Activated Multiple Times

This means that your pixel sent the same signal multiple times to Facebook (which would impact the accuracy of your site's reporting). To fix this, make sure that  you've only included the Facebook pixel base code on your site once, and that if you have event code on your site you avoid placing the same event code multiple times on the same page

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