Capital Partners FAQ

What is the FunnelDash Capital Partner program?

Capital Partners is an opportunity to for agencies to earn commissions by securing growth capital funds for their qualified clients and prospects.

How much money can I make by adding a capital division to my business?

Because you can opt-in to as much as 3% of the total funded amount, helping businesses get access to growth capital can be quite lucrative.  Many partners generate between $2k - $10k per deal from our revenue share program.

What other benefits does becoming a Capital Partner offer?

  • Increase client retention: Funded clients have a financial "safety net" to employ your agency services for the full funding term
  • Double your client revenue: Funded clients often reinvest their growth capital into scaling their ad spend. This allows you to bill more if your agency invoices according to ad spend
  • Premium positioning: Pitch cold prospects with a funding option that will make them want to learn more, then demonstrate value with an ad performance audit that's baked into their ad funding qualification process.
  • Attract THE BEST leads: Qualify your prospects by starting a discussion based on their financial limitations, goals, and ad performance.

Can we whitelabel FunnelDash's application funnel and back office?

Yes. The FunnelDash Capital Conversation Triggers can be whitelabel so that it aligns with your brand, product or websites. We can also white label our team and communications by configuring email and domain addresses.

Is it easy to integrate with FunnelDash?

The integration does not require any custom coding or significant development resources. Simply install a short code snippet anywhere you want your customers to be able to apply for funding and you’re done.

We take care of the funding application process, sharing offers with your clients and helping them understand their options, and managing the relationships during the repayment period.

Is this right for us if our goal is to eventually become a lender or funder ourselves?

Yes!  As applications are submitted and offers accepted you’ll be able “get your feet wet” in the capital business.   This will help you build your / Capital brand now while allowing you to cherry pick the best deals you may want to fund yourself.

Are you able to help us integrate with FunnelDash?

Yes. we will walk you through the integration and setup process from start to finish.

How much does it cost to get started?

The price of the software varies based on your monthly volume.  The more deals funded generally means the lower your monthly subscription fee.  To learn more click here.