AdCard FAQ

What is AdCard?

AdCard is the first ever credit card designed by advertisers for advertisers, and the only card that let's you earn up to 7.5% cash back on your ad spend.

How would my business benefit from AdCard?

  • Earn up to 7.5% cash back on your ad spend 
  • 60 days of interest free financing 
  • Unlimited "virtual" cards to manage privacy and budgets across all of your accounts
  • Free ad performance audits with your exclusive Ad Advisor
  • $175K in exclusive offers from our AdCard partners like Stripe, Amazon, ZenDesk, and many more.

When will my funds be available?

Typically within 24 hours of approval.

Where can I use my AdCard?

AdCard can be used for Agency expenses like ad spend or ad management software, media services, etc.

What are the minimum eligibility requirements?

  • $5,000 in average monthly ad spend 
  • Incorporated and registered in the US, with a US bank account

[Commission for AdCard? 20 basis points for 1st 12 months [20% of the one percent we get]

Why Does FunnelDash need access to my Ad Account and Bank Accounts?

Reviewing your ad performance and business banking data gives us a full picture of your business in real-time without requiring any credit checks, long applications, tax returns, etc.What is the credit limit?

Can I issue AdCards to my employees?

Yes, you can issue digital cards to your media buyers or Ad Agency POC's. Simply create a virtual card as needed and send via screenshot.

How much does it cost?

There are no fees and no cost to regular use of AdCard. In such cases where you exceed your repayment terms, a fee of 5.9% is applied. 

Will applying for AdCard affect my credit?

No, our financial offers are "corporate products" meaning they are issued to businesses rather than individuals. We do not ask for your social security number and will not pull your credit score.

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