High-Ticket Acquisition Tool Kit

Get your agency running the same way Zach did.

This is the exact system Zach Johnson created to jumpstart his own Facebook ads agency and get clients like Dr. Axe, Amy Porterfield and James Wedmore. Now, Zach walks you through each step and shows you how to apply it to your own agency so you can get clients who pay you high-ticket retainers every month, too.

Here are the training videos you'll get when you purchase the High-Ticket Acquisition Tool Kit:

Training 1: Ultimate Audit Consultation Call ScriptThis is the same script we've used to land several of my highest-paying clients.  It will go over:

  • How to deliver a 30 minute complimentary Facebook ads audit to your high ticket client prospects, build credibility and authority before you pitch your services and significantly increase your close rate for new clients.

Training 2: Four Step “Audit Funnel” To Get Consultations: I’ve used this process to land a $20,000 retainer after just 2 calls. This process alone will put your agency in the black.  The training will walk you through: 

  • The 4 steps I use to build a qualified list of prospects. 
  • The exact email templates, I send to those prospects to get them interested in my services. 
  • And, how to get every one of these prospects on the phone for a free Facebook ads audit. This process alone will put your agency in the black. 

Training 3: My 6 Figure Proposal & Contract Templates:This iron-clad contract was written and reviewed by my attorneys and is worth $4,000. This includes:

  • Paid Media Template 
  • Funnel Management Template
  • Proposify Template version

Disclaimer: FunnelDash is providing templates and education to individuals who voluntarily chose to prepare their own legal and/or business documents, submit templates to licensed attorneys for modification, and/or for education purposes prior to contacting a licensed attorney. You will want to reach out to an attorney to make sure that the information provided is correct for your specific business or in the region where you live. 

Training 4: My ‘Client ROI’ Calculator: This handy-dandy calculator lets you create benchmarks and KPI's with your clients. It's the best tool EVER for managing client expectations. Once your clients see how much money they’ll make, they’ll be happy to sign on the dotted line. 


Contact support at support [at] funneldash.com to learn more!

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