Facebook Whitelist - Authorized Websites

5 commonly asked questions about whitelisting your website URL

Why do I need to Whitelist my website url and what does it mean to have a website whitelisted?

The whitelisted_domains property of your bot's Messenger profile specifies a list of third-party domains that are accessible in the Messenger webview for use. Essentially, it's a way to keep malicious things happening inside your Facebook messenger bot by not letting you load messenger on web pages that you haven't said your app uses.

Nothing happens when I try to add a new website to the Authorized Website lists!  What do I do?

Chances are you haven't given FunnelDash the necessary permissions to utilize Facebook Messenger.  To fix this click the Get Started button on the left side of the Funnels dashboard then click the Reconnect Facebook link.

Why do I see other urls listed?

Facebook returns all valid domains being used.

Is there a limit to how many website urls can be used?

YES. Facebook's limit allows up to 50 domains

How do you add website or manage the whitelisted urls that are associated with my Facebook Page?

You will need to manage the whitelist urls from Facebook ? Here's a YouTube video that shows you how to get to the settings inside of Facebook.

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