Frequently Asked Questions regarding the Contacts that interact with the FunnelDash Messenger Funnels.

All contacts who interact with the particular page will display inside the Contacts page. This includes any user that interacts with the FunnelDash Messenger Funnels or other messenger chat bot tools. 

You can also build custom audiences from those who have interacted with the page so you can remarket to them or do a re-engagement campaign. 

Why are some of the Contact Names showing as "Unknown"?

That is due to the 24+1 messenger policy.  The user did not respond to your messenger message and so you can not send them promotional messages until they re-engage with your messenger funnel

How does the Create Audience feature work?

You can create custom audiences inside of Facebook by selecting contacts that have interacted with your Messenger Funnel. 

1 - Select the contact you have interacted with your Messenger chatbot funnel
2 - Click the "Create an Audience" button
3 - Select the Ad Account from the dropdown
4 - Give the Audience a Name
5 - Click the "Create Audience" button
6 - Go to Facebook Business Manager > Assets > Audience and you will see the newly created custom audience in the list. 

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