What are the different types of Messenger Triggers in FunnelDash?

Learn more about all the messenger triggers that you can create with FunnelDash to attract your potential clients to your messenger sequence/funnel.

Below is a brief overview of each type of Messenger trigger you can create in FunnelDash. Click any trigger name to view a step-by-step guide to creating that trigger.

Direct Link

This is your Facebook page's messenger direct link and your sequence will trigger as soon as they click on your Facebook page's messenger link.

Note: Make sure your Facebook page has a username 

This will give you a messenger button which you can place on your website pages so people can subscribe to your sequence by clicking on that button

We actually have a tutorial on this one but here's how it works. You setup a keyword trigger for example "Clemens" and when someone types an exact same keyword in your messenger page your sequence will be initiated.

Learn more about installing the Keyword Trigger here:

Facebook Messenger Ads

Oh no, this does not let you create an ad from your FunnelDash account. This funnel will help you make use of the bot payload which is supported by Facebook ads.

Here's how it works:

You create your Facebook Messenger Ads funnel from FunnelDash and connect your sequence with it.

You'll be presented with the following steps after you finish creating the funnel. This is what you have to do in your Facebook Ads Manager while creating your messenger ads.

This will connect your funnel with your messenger ads instantly.

We used to have the following funnels but no longer have them.

Landing Page [Discontinued]

If you don't have a website, you use our own landing page to drive traffic to your messenger sequence. Here's an example of our landing page

Page Takeover [Discontinued]

This looks similar to landing page except it goes on top of your website, this will cover your website's entire screen with the funnel that you created in FunnelDash. Here's how it looks from the backend. You can change the text and button message from here.

Smart Bar [Discontinued]

This will give you a smart bar at the bottom of your website from where people can access your messenger page. This is how smart bar looks like.

Page Popup [Discontinued]

This is self explanatory but this funnel will help you add a popup to your website just like you see below to make people click through your website to your messenger sequence.

Slide In Funnel [Discontinued]

Slide in funnel also goes on the website pages. The slide in funnel slides in on the website from the left bottom hand side so your visitor can subscribe to your sequence by clicking on the messenger button this slide in includes.

QR code trigger

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