Help! My Facebook Ad Accounts are not showing in FunnelDash!

Here's some helpful information that should clarify why you might not be seeing your Facebook Ad Accounts.

Access to the Facebook Account

FunnelDash authenticates with your personal profile and your business manager. Basically, ANY Facebook ad account you personally are an admin, analyst, or advertiser of will be pulled into FunnelDash.

If you do NOT have access, you'll need to request access from your client's accounts inside of Facebook's Business Manager. You can learn more about permission levels here with Facebook's documentation here.

FunnelDash Audit Request Link

If your leads / prospects are not interested in giving you access then use the Audit Request link inside of FunnelDash.  The link will let you invite anyone who visits the link to connect their Facebook ad account to your FunnelDash account.   Please know that this is a view only access.  You will not have any permission inside of Facebook Business Manager to view, create or edit the data.

How to Connect a Different Facebook Account to FunnelDash

Lastly, if you accidentally authenticated the wrong Facebook profile and would like to disconnect your Facebook account from FunnelDash and re-authenticate a new account you can do that under your Account Settings > Facebook Reconnect. (

Before you use this button make sure you are signed in to the Facebook account you want to reconnect and then hit Facebook Reconnect button.  Please note that this will erase your current dashboards. 

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