How to Disconnect and Reconnect a Facebook Account in FunnelDash

Connected the wrong Facebook Profile? Here's how to fix it.

If you accidentally authenticated the wrong Facebook profile and would like to disconnect your Facebook account from FunnelDash and re-authenticate a new account.

If you are stuck in the on-boarding sequence because you don't see your Facebook Ad Account in the dropdown list.  Go to the Settings page and reconnect.  After you reconnect you will want to log out of FunnelDash and log back in to see the dropdown list populated. 

How to reconnect a Facebook Account in FunnelDash

This can be done over here

Before you use this button make sure you are signed in to the Facebook account you want to reconnect and then hit Facebook Reconnect lin or completely logged out of Facebook so it will prompt you to sign in 

NOTE: Reconnecting a Facebook account will erase your current dashboards.

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