What Facebook Ad data is being pulled into FunnelDash Dashboards?


What data is being pulled into FunnelDash? 


FunnelDash reports on the Facebook standard and custom conversion pixels only.  

At this time, we do not pull in Offline Conversions but we do have a feature request open. You can also use  LeadsBridge to handle all the integration stuff to push your revenue data into Facebooks offline conversions.

Also at this time, we also don't pull in Facebook Event Ads, or Facebook Lead Ads (Facebook Forms) Data.  We have a feature request open for each of these data types to be added into the app and at this time they are still under review.  

If you are using the Messenger tool inside of FunnelDash you are also able to pull in standard pixel data you set up in the messenger funnel into the dashboards as well. 

If this is a deal breaker for you please message [email protected] and let us know as we can add you to a list to be notified once the decision has been made on the feature request.

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