How do I know if FunnelDash is right for me?

FunnelDash is for agencies who are looking for data based reporting in order to make data driven decisions.

Question: Is FunnelDash for people who run/want to run a Facebook Digital Marketing agency or is it for people who are running another business and want to maximize their FB ads?


The short answer is both.

If you are a Digital Marketing Agency FunnelDash will help differentiate yourself from the competition by providing data based reports from Facebook. Allowing you to make data driven decisions to scale the clients ad-spend. In addition, FunnelDash equips the agency with a variety of tools that can assist it in getting high ticket clients. 

For those businesses looking to scale and maximize their lead value from Facebook as well as scale their ad-spend. FunnelDash has a certified partner network of Facebook agencies that can run your Facebook ads as well as provide you with data-driven reports from FunnelDash on a weekly basis. These partners have experience with scaling Facebook ad ranging from those just getting started with Facebook ads to those who are managing ad-spend of up to 1-2 hundred thousand a month.

If you are interested in having one of our certified partners run your ads we would love to help match you with one of our certified partners email [email protected] to get started.

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