Reporting bugs on

So, you found an issue/bug in our software or marketing that you would like to report. Here's how to submit an issue.

Here are a few tips when submitting your issue to Support. 

  • Be specific and to the point.  
  • Do not combine multiple issues even if they seem to be similar. Please submit a separate entry per issue.
  • Do not assume or skip any reproducing step. Step by step description of bug problems makes it easier to reproduce and fix.
  • Avoid using vague language such as "it crashed" or "doesn't work".  Instead include an error message or describe exactly what happened. 
  • Annotated screen shots are extremely helpful. If possible, include the location bar that shows the URL in the screenshot. If you don't have a tool that can upload the screenshot to a website I would recommend using Jing is it's a Free Video and Screen Capture Tool
  • Please provide any kind error messages that are displayed to you, the contents of that error message are very important. Whether it’s a user-friendly error message or a system-generated error message that looks like gibberish, those error messages go a long ways in helping a developer understand what happened.


Submit an Issue (Bug) here

If you need help with your account or have a billing question, please email support at support [at] or send us an in app chat.