FunnelDash Product Road Map

Welcome to our roadmap! This lays out some of our future features. Please note that the timelines are approximate and subject to change.

Q4 2018

  • Messenger Actions
    * Send additional messages - RELEASED
    * Add to sequence - RELEASED
    * Facebook Event Pixel Triggers - RELEASED
    * Input Custom Pixel Events and Variables - RELEASED
  • Message Types
    * Quick replies as a message type with suggested phone and email and suggested reply - RELEASED
  • Messenger Updates / Fixes:
    * Add ability to disconnect a page - RELEASED
    * Add archive view on funnels and sequence listings - RELEASED
    * Add ability to unarchive a funnel or sequence - RELEASED
    * Fix - Delete unsaved messages from the message list - RELEASED
    * Add ability to duplicate an existing sequence - RELEASED
    * Update:  Make it easier to change the file (image, video, audio, etc) after initial upload  - RELEASED
  • Audit request link for audit dashboards - RELEASED
  • Messenger Sequence Diagram - BETA RELEASED
  • Zapier Integration - RELEASED  (Click the link to get access -

Q1 2019

  • Website Pop Ups Upgrade
  • Publish / share link for audit dashboards
  • Messages, Sequences, & Funnel performance metrics w/ open rates & click through rates
  • All standard Facebook pixel event firing and integration
    * Add to cart
    * Initiate checkout
  • Messenger Sequence Diagram - RELEASED
  • Messenger Actions
    * Subscriber tagging
    * Add Subscriber to Custom Audience 
  • Message Types* Cards as a message type
    * Carousel image gallery as a message element type
  • Messenger Broadcasts
  • Contacts View Upgrade
  • Contacts Pipeline Management
  • Store User inputs and responses as custom fields 
  • Contacts - Custom Audience Integration Upgrade

More coming soon!

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