Choose Your Words

The Ultimate Facebook Ad Copy Cheat Sheet For Client Campaigns

"I actually    landed that client! But what do I do with this FEAR when I go to write their ads?  

“I know what I want to write. But I just    don’t know how to write it!”

What if we gave you a system to produce words you can be proud of?

And what if you could do it without “writing” a thing?

An unhelpful air of mystery has sprung up around the whole idea of the “creative genius” writer.

Don’t get me wrong -   there are many creative geniuses who have blown my horizons into, well, other entire universes.

But somehow that air of mystery has created an aura around “copywriters” that leaves the rest of us feeling as though there’s just no point even having a go.

It didn’t help that our school teachers gave us The Look when we turned in our essays.


You are running a business that needs words.

You need to tell people about products and services in a way that will triple your Click Through Rates + bring a return on ad spend that will make any accountant crack a slight smile.

And you don’t have time to wait for a sexy, mysterious muse to perch herself on your filing cabinet and dictate something incredible. Your client’s campaign needs to be launched tomorrow.

Meet Jo McKee and get into “Choose Your Words”.

Jo has put together What You Need Now PLUS a system to build copy without being a “Writer”.



You’ll get ad swipes, cheat sheets, and if you jump in during all the Black Friday excitement, you’ll also get the chance to join a live call and bring your ad copy in for a little TLC.

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